Vi2web Technologies offers wide range of software products in different fields. Our growing list of products is being enhanced and upgraded to offer the best product to our customer. Some of our products are listed here.

Some of the best Products offered to our Customers

Satark: Law Enforcement Software

Satark is a full fledged application that enables senior police officials to monitor FIR being registered in local police stations. It enables the supervisory officer to give instructions to the investigation officer and helps investigation officer to perform the next steps with respect to the case. Application has ability to pin point the location of crime on the map and carry out investigation based on it. It also has the features of MOB tracking and automated case diary. The application also allows integration with local and session court.

The application is implemented and live at multiple places in India. Satark is a flexible solution which can be deployed at district/state/national level. The solution can be deployed on a custom server or can be hosted on cloud server as per the requirements.

Manage Commission: Commission Management System

The application allows you to calculate commissions to be provided to the third party who brings in the leads for the services being offered by a shop or a organization. The application fits in scenario like a mall where in drivers bring in customers for the shop and in turn drivers receive a commission based on the purchases made by the customer at the mall.
The system can very well fit in for medical laboratories where doctor receives a part of share for referring patients to the laboratories.Commission Management Software allows you to manage all sort of commissions business and update the referrals about the same.

Shruta: Education Information System

Shruta is a complete education information system, it allows any institute like schools, colleges, private institutes to manage their organizations efficiently. Shruta provides facilities like student information management system, grade system, student attendance, teacher attendance, fee collection and more.

The application can work as a stand alone system or can be plugged in as a hosted model on a server. Shruta (education information system) can be a perfect fit for all the schools or institutes who are looking to automate their organizations.

LPG: An Application For Gas Agency

LPG is a complete solution for gas agency where in they can keep the customer details like consumer number, connection type, amount paid etc to track them in future use. it is also a software where the gas agency can keep the track of cylinder and delivery person on daily basis to check the stock. Here a complete record of the parts sold is also maintained.

The application also keeps a record of current stock of cylinder at the current moment. It also maintains all the information related to delivery vehicles for gas cylinder.

Auction: An Online Bidding Application

This application is for the online auction, a public sale in which goods and properties are sold to the highest bidder.Each and every auction has a start date,time and end date,time with the status of the auction whether is scheduled, running, ended or cancelled.

The bidder is given login access into the application for each auction.You can always search for a specific auction by filtering it by the title, client name, zone and status. Each auction will have a reserve bid amount decided by the client and the bidder has to bid for that  particular auction above the reserve amount.

Invoice: An Application For Invoice Generation

This application is used for the generation of the invoice by the seller. that is, a bill is generated once the customer makes a purchase by the seller or the seller provides some service to the customer. The invoice is generated with all the details like date,invoice no,customer name etc.

The invoice once generated is always kept with a status whether paid, pending, cancelled or not paid for the seller reference. The invoice once generated is always mailed to the corresponding customer. The invoice has an option to print and download. So the complete steps followed once a customer makes a purchase or takes a service from the seller till the payment is done to the seller, is handled by the application for the seller.

Saptapadi: An Online Matrimonial Website

This is an online matrimonial website designed with lot many features.  Matrimonial sites are popular in India and among Indians settled overseas, as an alternative to the traditional marriage broker. This website registers users, after which they are able to upload their profile onto a searchable database maintained by the website. Those users looking to find suitors search the database with customized searches that typically include nationality, age, gender, availability of photograph and often religion, geographic location,language and caste.

The users are categorized as free users and paid users.the free users can see only limited information about the matching profiles where as paid users can see the complete information.The users can edit their profile, express interest, see who visits their profile and search for the matching profiles by filtering with keywords, education,location etc. So this is the perfect online matchmaking application.

Passport Verification: An Online Application For Passport Verification

This applicaton is designed for the passport verification online. Once a particular application for passport is received, there are few login access given in the application, one is for the commissioner police and the other is for individual police station users. Both the commissioner police and individual police station users can see the list of application for passport.

Once individual police station user logs in into the application, the passport applications are displayed on the dashboard in 3 categories namely new application, approved application and rejected application. The police station user has to go through the new application and his work is to verify all the details and has to change the status of the application as approved or rejected.He has a timedeadline to verify the passport application which is displayed in the dashboard. Once the passport application is approved or rejected by the police station user, they come and fall under approved or rejected application list.He has to send both approved and rejected applications to the Commissioner Police by manually verifying and scanning.

Once the Commissioner Police logs into the application, he can see the new applications, approved and rejected applications as well as submitted applications. For the new applications, he has the right to change the police station to which its assigned. He has to go through the approved and rejected applications and send it to the passport office by changing the status to completed. The completed applications are sent back to the passport office which come and fall under the submitted applications.